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STM Student Awarded a FASPE (May 11, 2015)

  Park Falls High School Alumna chosen for unique international program in ethics (May 7, 2015)
  Cactus Shadows High School alumna, Lindsey Anderson, chosen for unique international ethics program (May 6, 2015)

Rebecca Rosen, student at the UCLA School of Law, chosen by FASPE (April 30, 2015)



Alyssa Creamer to participate in groundbreaking journalist program (April 29, 2015)


  LHS Grad Elana Berger to Participate in FASPE International Ethics Program (April 23, 2015)


  Four graduates of Montgomery County high schools were chosen to participate in two-week international ethics programs for graduate students (April 22, 2015)



Scrapbook: Shapiro in Fellowship (April 21, 2015)  



  Exploring the History of The Holocaust: RIETS Student Chosen for Unique International Ethics Program (April 15, 2015)


  HMS students Aleksandra Olszewski and Matthew Young chosen for FASPE (April 13, 2015)


  Jacob Shmukler (MBA ’15) Chosen as 2015 FASPE Business Fellow (April 13, 2015)



VUSM?student lands fellowship to study ethics and discipline

(April 9, 2015)  


  Seminary Student Receives Fellowship to Study World’s Ethical Issues at Auschwitz (April 7, 2015)


  MBA Student Receives Fellowship to Study Professional Ethics and the Holocaust (April 7, 2015)



Columbia Law School Student Awarded Ethics Fellowship at Auschwitz: Miaoting (Mimi) Wu '15 Will Study Professional Ethics (April 6, 2015)


  Penn Law student wins fellowship to study ethics at Auschwitz (April 6, 2015)


  Goizueta student chosen for unique international ethics program: Trevor Diffley Joins Groundbreaking Program for MBA Students and Young Executives (March 31, 2015)


  Bakersfield medical student wins medical ethics fellowship (March 31, 2015)


  Journalism Fellow Chosen for Unique International Ethics Program (March 27, 2015)



Journalism graduate awarded ethics fellowship (March 26, 2015)

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  Two Hartford Seminary Students Chosen for Unique International Ethics Program (March 26, 2015)



Roxanne Strohmeier '16  Chosen for Prestigious International Ethics Program(March 19, 2015)


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