FASPE forced me to go beyond the wrong and the right or the good and

      bad to that gray place where my ethics and principles could be used to

      justify any side of the argument. I was challenged to identify and prioritize

      my own unwavering set of values.

      - Yodit Beyene, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, 2015 FASPE Business Fellow

      The opportunity FASPE provided for recognition of our profession's complex

      history and thoughtful discussion about how to make our generation of business

      leaders a positive force in the world was exactly what I needed at this moment in

      my professional education. After FASPE, I feel better prepared to be not just a

      leader, but a leader of consequence.

      -Anne Steptoe, Fuqua School of Business, 2015 FASPE Business Fellow

FASPE Business is an intensive two week fellowship program that examines the moral responsibilities and professional duties of business leaders in extreme as well as more routine situations. Business Fellows study historical, philosophical, theological, and cultural texts related to Nazism and the Holocaust, building the context for discussions of contemporary ethical issues and leadership skills.

During the program, Fellows participate in workshops led by business school faculty and hear guest lectures from leading scholars. The following items outline the thematic framework of FASPE:

  • Study of corporations and individual business leaders and the roles they played during the Holocaust, and the formation of the corporate culture under National Socialism.
  • Consideration of broader issues, such as the ethical challenges of ambition in professional development; corporate compliance vs. ethical behavior; and to whom do companies owe their loyalty: stockholders, customers, employees, nations, or others.
  • Examination of contemporary ethical issues facing the business leaders through the lens of relevant history.

The FASPE Business curriculum was developed with assistance from Mary Gentile, Director of Giving Voice to Values and a Senior Research Scholar at Babson College, Professor Markus Scholz, Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics at FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW, and with historians from the Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

The goal of FASPE is to provide students and executives early in their careers, through the exploration of these issues and visits to Holocaust sites, with new insights that will help them tackle problems of moral reasoning in their careers.  FASPE seeks to strengthen the leadership abilities of those who will be in senior positions of global corporations in the future.

Piloted in 2015, FASPE has now worked with 25 MBA\MSC students and recent graduates. A new group of 12-15 Business Fellows will be chosen through an international application for the 2017 program.


- PDF of FASPE Business Overview

- Itinerary of 2016 FASPE Business Trip

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