FASPE was a phenomenal experience. I came in hoping to learn how to

       better approach ethics in the medical profession, and I left with a better

       understanding of how our profession, a profession of healing, can transform

       itself to participate in such destruction. (Jessica Gold, '13 Medical Fellow)

       FASPE was a transformative experience. Following the hectic 3rd year of

       medical school, FASPE gave me the opportunity to take a step back and

       examine what type of doctor I am becoming. (Danielle Bitterman, '15 Medical Fellow)

FASPE for Medical Students is an intensive two week fellowship program that examines the roles of physicians in Nazi Germany and during the Holocaust, underscoring how the moral codes that govern the medical profession can break down or be distorted. The program's integrated approach includes historical, medical, philosophical, and literary sources; survivor testimony; and onsite workshops in Germany and Poland.

The FASPE Medical Program examines the following topics, among others:

  • The complicity of medical professionals in Nazi policies and the Holocaust.
  • The relationship between state authority and medicine.
  • The role and limits of contemporary bioethics (including euthanasia/physician assisted suicide).
  • The legacy of prejudice in the medical profession.
  • Ethical challenges of political issues facing the health care profession today.

The goal of FASPE is to provide students, through the exploration of these issues and visits to Holocaust sites, with new insights that will help them tackle problems of moral reasoning in their future careers.

The FASPE curriculum for Medical Students was designed by faculty at Yale School of Medicine in consultation with FASPE staff. The program has been led by Dr. Mark Mercurio, Dr. John Hughes, both from the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Sara Goldkind, formerly of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Dr. Jeff Botkin from the Univerity of Utah School of Medicine. Piloted initially in 2009, a total of 103 students have participated in the FASPE Medical program.  Responses from FASPE Medical Fellows include:

"I have been asked hundreds of times what kind of doctor I want to be, but FASPE asks if that doctor is aligned with the kind of person I want to be."

– Dan Weisberg, Yale University

“I have realized that it is our duty to think critically about ethical issues in medicine to help us do the right thing in times of moral ambiguity.”
– Karen Revere, University of Pennsylvania

“The connections between the Holocaust and current professional ethics were made amazingly well. I was surprised by how relevant the atrocities of the Holocaust still are, and by how many connections I continue to find myself making since the program.”
– Amanda Bradke, Case Western Reserve University

“I feel so fortunate to have been selected for FASPE. The experience was incredible and will certainly inform my decisions and practices in my career and life.”
– Avrom Caplan, University of Chicago





-PDF of FASPE for Medical Students Overview

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