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In The Trenches Achieve 3000 Answers

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Q. What is a cause and effect relationship which takes place in this article?
Ans: Because harmful weapons such as explosives & rapid-fire artillery were used in World War I, the soldiers needed trenches to protect themselves well during the battle.

Q. This article talks primarily about __________.
Ans: The trenches which are discovered in the United States were utilized as the training grounds for soldiers before they were sent to Europe during World War I.

Q. The article would be most useful as a source for a student research project on __________.
Ans: Changes in the US military training in the early 1900s, prior to World War I.

Q. Which is the closest synonym for the word (whichever word you have here), like it is used in this article?
Ans: The answer can vary.

Q. The reader will be able to infer from the article that __________.
Ans: One reason that Iowa was chosen as a military training base location was that there was ample open land to set up mock battlefields for the soldiers.

Q. Which two words from this article are the closest synonyms?
Ans: Remnants & remains

Q. Think about the following statement created by Colonel Greg Hapgood, an Iowa National Guard spokesperson:
Ans: It is about how we trained, how we lived, how we fought the war. This is a piece of priceless history that cannot be replaced if it would ever go away. It is able to be preserved & guarded for future generations to understand the history of what the US went through in the First World War.

Q. Which question is not answered by this article?
Ans: What changes were made to military clothing in response to the introduction of trench warfare?


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