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What Strategies Are Followed By Tennis Doubles Teams?

Tennis doubles teams utilize a strategic blend that includes many aspects. Everybody can now make online sports betting Nigeria with 1xBet, which can also be used to wager on this great variation of the sport. These aspects include:

  • positioning;
  • communication;
  • serving;
  • net play;
  • and teamwork.

Let’s start with positioning. Doubles teams strategically position themselves to cover the court efficiently. Research shows that the “1-up, 1-back” formation is effective, with the player at the net winning approximately 66% of points and the player at the baseline holding a 58% win rate. It is also possible to make online sports betting with 1xBet Nigeria on plenty of teams that use this strategy.

Good Communication And Serves

Effective communication enhances a team’s coordination. Studies indicate that teams that communicate well have a higher percentage of successful net approaches, often resulting in a 75% increase in volley winners. Visit the website to make wagers on greatly coordinated teams, too.

Serving strategies also impact the outcome of matches. Analysis of top doubles teams reveals that maintaining a first serve percentage above 60-65% increases the likelihood of winning service games by 80%. Aces and service winners account for nearly 25% of points won on serve. The 1xBet platform is also available to wager on great tennis servers.


Teams with strong net play exhibit a significant advantage. Teams that approach the net frequently have a 70% higher chance of winning points, with the net player securing 70% more volley winners. This often leads to a 30% increase in break point conversion.

Making Sure The Team Works Well

Effective teamwork leverages players’ strengths. Data shows that when one player has a powerful serve, and the other focuses on netplay, teams win approximately 75% of their service games, highlighting the impact of complementary roles. Make sure to use the profitable 1xBet slots while waiting for other great players of this variation of tennis.

Returning serve strategically is pivotal. Teams that stand closer to the service line to block returns increase their return success rate by 20%. Return winners account for 15-20% of points won on the receiving end.


Finally, effective lob management is also crucial. Research demonstrates that defensive lobs that are high and deep lead to a 40% reduction in opponents’ volley winners, providing the defending team with an opportunity to regain control. The 1xBet platform also offers profitable slots, which you can play before the next doubles tennis match begins.