Skyrocket Your Teacher Instagram with Comments

Do you consider Instagram as another social network for chatting and sharing photos? This is a big mistake. The platform, once created to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family, has changed its direction. Today, Insta is a powerful platform for building a customer base or fans, as well as developing its brand as an influential one.

If you think that this is not suitable for educational content or finding new students, you are mistaken. Thousands of teachers are already here; they have grown their pages to large sizes and have additional income. Someone even made IG his real job, forming a large customer base and increasing his presence as a teacher at times.

Do you find it attractive? Do you want to teach people something new and want to devote your life to education? Great, then you should be here!

But being and promoting are different things. Today, we’ll talk about increasing engagement, in which comments are one of the most important details to improve your statistics. We’ll share how to get them at any stage of development. Read on!

1. Investing in Your Page

“No sweet without sweat” is true, but not when it comes to additional support for your account. The best thing about the modern Internet is that you can buy any metrics you need, including comments; look at the link: These services are provided by advertising companies, and they are one hundred percent safe and legal. It’s like using organic methods, but with one difference: comments come “out of nowhere.” That is, people didn’t know and didn’t see your account before; they came from the PR company to provide you with professional support.

With the purchased comments, your growth will noticeably accelerate – you won’t have to think about how to attract users to write comments. This task is taken over by the provider, and you have more time. You don’t need to take an active part in the delivery or regularly write to specialists; they’ll do it for you.


Plus, all interactions are genuine. They aren’t similar to each other because they are written by different people. That is, there won’t be the same texts under your posts; they’ll be different, with or without emojis, as you want.

This is a great way to invest and one of the cheapest you can find today. Incentives are much more profitable than hiring specialists on a regular basis or launching an advertising campaign, but the result is no less qualitative and long-term.

2. Add Niche Hashtags to Your Posts

To get more user interactions, first of all, you have to take care of the visibility of your publications, and hashtags are great helpers in this matter. They are like keywords that rank content by topic and help users find what they might like faster.


How to use tags correctly? There shouldn’t be too many of them or too few. The ideal solution is about 5-7 keywords for one publication; then, your post won’t be like an advertisement. Plus, they should be relevant and describe your content. That is, for educational content, words such as #relationships #music will be superfluous if you aren’t a psychologist or a music teacher.

When the visibility of your content improves, you’ll automatically start receiving more comments. But it is unknown when this will happen, so be patient and continue to post regularly with tags.

3. Engage with Users

Finally, don’t forget that communication breeds communication. As soon as users start writing comments to you, respond to them. This is important both for improving engagement and page statistics and for generating new ones. Be friendly and answer questions in an interesting way, then people will reach out to you. Good luck!